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2000 Super Hot Vat Stripper
Category:Industrial Specialties

Vanguard 2000 Super Hot Vat Stripper

For hot tank cleaning Vanguard 2000 was created especially for automotive machine shops and engine rebuilders. Recommended for all hot tanks. Vanguard 2000 removes sludge, grease, oil, dirt, paint.

It cleans valve ports and internal oil lines. Its thorough action softens heavy carbon deposits facilitating easy removal - the supreme test for a cleaner of this type.

DESCRIPTION:    A highly alkaline, powdered product, which strips grime, grease, carbon, oil, dirt, paint, scale, and rust from cuprous and ferrous alloyed surfaces. lt contains a balanced blend of alkaline materials and detergents to give maximum solution life, rinsability and penetration. APPLICATION:    Recommended for hot vat cleaning and paint stripping of ferrous motor blocks, industrial equipment, steam cleaning, power spray and stage washing operations, where a highly alkaline compound is desirable.